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Releasing Bonuses at Americas Cardroom

We have made releasing your deposit bonus at Americas Cardroom easier than ever before. Read on to find how to manage your bonus, how to earn your bonus, and how to convert it to Real money at any time.

You’ll now be able to earn a bonus when you:

• Make a deposit
• Enter a bonus code into the bonus code redemption field (Bonus Section of the Cashier)
• Purchase a bonus from the store using your Combat Points

And that’s just the beginning. Our bonuses system at Americas Cardroom makes tracking and redeeming your bonuses while playing online poker amazingly easy.

Managing your bonus.

Bonuses are managed from the Bonuses section of the Rewards tab inside the Americas Cardroom poker software. You’ll be able to see the expiration date, amount released, and amount pending for every single bonus you’ve taken advantage of.

Choosing your bonus.

With Americas Cardroom it’s possible that you’ll have more than one bonus code tied to your account. Our bonus program is built around you, so you get to choose which bonus you’d like to work toward releasing first. Just click on the one you want to release and then draft it to the first position by playing ring games or tournaments. Your bonus will update every time you leave the table.

Earning Award Points.

Just play at our real-money tables and you’ll automatically earn Award Points.


You will earn 5.5 Award Points for each $1 USD paid in tournament fees. For example, let’s say you are playing an online poker tournament that costs $20+2 to get into. $20 goes to the prize pool and $2 is the entry fee (for tournaments, we only look at the fee associated with the buy-in). In this example, that is $2, and as you are awarded 5.5 APs for every $1 in fees paid, you will earn 11Aps ($2 x 5.5 = 11 APs). What if the buy-in is less than $1? Don’t worry. You will earn fractional APs, too.


As we use the Weighted Contributed Rake methodology to calculate your points, you will earn Award Points for playing (contributing), but also for how much (weighted) you contribute to the pot on each hand.

Award Points are awarded at a rate of 5.5 APs for each $1 in rake generated

Tracking Your Bonuses.

We’ve made it easy to see which bonuses are available to you and the status of each bonus you’ve already opted into.

Under the Active Bonuses tab, you’ll see two sections:

1. Queue: bonuses that are available and that have not yet expired.
2. In Progress: bonuses that you’ve already taken advantage of and are working towards achieving.

To review bonuses that are no longer available, click Previous Bonuses

Accepting or Canceling Bonuses

See a bonus in the Queue you want to participate in? Just click the green arrow and it’ll move to In Progress.

Alternatively, if you change your mind and want to stop working toward a bonus, just click the red arrow next to the bonus under In Progress and it’ll move back to the Queue.

Currency Types

Bonuses can be released in various forms of currency — Bonus Cash, Tourney Bucks, and Sports Freeplay. A legend for the currency type tied to each bonus is listed at the bottom of the screen, so you’ll always know what you’re playing towards.

Redeeming your cash.

Once you have earned out the required number of Points to release your bonus, you will be able to hit the “Redeem” button. As soon as you click it, the bonus will be automatically entered into your real money balance, tourney bucks or sports freeplay balance.

Getting a Bonus