The Venom is back. Bigger than ever with $8 Million Guaranteed.

The $8 Million VENOM

Our promise to deliver a bigger and better Venom every time continues with our largest Venom in history.

The $8 Million Venom gets underway on January 22nd. And once again, we have four Day 1 flights, a Day 2, a Day 3, and an epic final table.

First place gets $1 million, guaranteed. And no matter where you finish, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable online poker experience.


Venom Tournament Schedule:

Day 1A: Friday, January 22nd, 1pm ET
Day 1B: Sunday, January 24th, 1pm ET
Day 1C: Friday, January 29th, 1pm ET
Day 1D: Sunday, January 31st, 1pm ET
Day 2: Monday, February 1st, 1pm ET
Day 3: Tuesday, February 2nd, 1pm ET

*Final Table: Wednesday, February 3rd

Get into the Venom through a Satellite

The Venom costs $2,650 to get into. But you can win your way in for way less through satellites. Check the schedule and find one that works for you.

Limited Time Only! Venom Blitz Steps!

Starting January 1st, 2021

Want to win your Venom ticket faster than you can say Venom? Well that’s pretty much impossible (unless you’re a really slow talker).

But you can win it faster than you think through Venom Blitz Steps. These fast-paced satellites let you level up to that $2,650 on your own terms.

Just buy in at any level and move up each time you hit 5,000 chips. Finish level 9 and the $2,650 Venom ticket is yours. So flopping easy. And it starts at just $0.11.


Qualify for free via our Venom step Tournaments

Win your seat for free! Our Venom Step Tournaments will soon be posted in the lobby and your first step is on us! That’s because our Step 1 tournaments have a $0 buy-in and will be running around the clock.

We’ve got Sit & Go Step Tournaments or On Demand Step Tournaments available so no matter when you play, we’ve got events to suit your schedule.


Venom Tickets Terms and Conditions

Biggest Stack Option-Players have the option of playing multiple Day 1’s and using their biggest stack won to continue to play Day 2. Players may only use one of the stacks and may not combine stacks from their multiple days of play. They will forfeit the other chips.

You cannot sell your primary ticket, only players with multiple tickets may sell the extras.

If you have won multiple Venom tickets that you wish to sell, then you may do so at whatever price yourself and the buyer agrees upon. To do this, both parties must email [email protected] from their email address registered to their WPN player account and confirm the price agreed and that they’re willing to purchase/sell.

If you have one entry and wish to purchase additional entries, you may do so. If the extra entry (or entries) are not used by the end of late registration on the last Day 1 (February 2nd) during the upcoming Venom tournament, you must wait until the next Venom tournament.

Only $2,650 Venom tickets are transferable. Tickets of any other kind for any other tournament are non-transferable and will expire within a year of their date of issue.

$2,650 Venom tickets are to be used exclusively for Venom tournaments.

Players may only use one Winning Poker Network account to play the January $8 Million Venom tournament.

Players who have more than one ticket across multiple Winning Poker Network accounts must contact customer service to transfer their tickets to one account only before Day 1A of the January $8 Million Venom tournament starts on Friday, January 22nd.

Players who fail to contact customer service to have their tickets combined into one account will automatically forfeit all tickets when the tournament begins, and all their Winning Poker Network accounts will be permanently banned.

Any winnings will be forfeited from players who have been discovered playing the January $8 Million Venom from more than one Winning Poker Network account.

Deal-making at the final table is permitted, but the first-place winner must receive a minimum of $1,000,000.

ACR reserves the right to change the terms and conditions within a reasonable timeframe prior to the event.