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Understanding Rake Calculation

We want to make sure your online poker experience is fair. That doesn’t just mean the best security and the fastest cashouts. It also means calculating rake the right way. So rather than relying on one poker rake calculation, we use various types to calculate bonuses and determine your status in our loyalty program.

Weighted Contributed Rake Calculation

With the Weighted Contributed Rake Calculation, players earn more credit based on how much rake they contribute to a pot. So a player who sticks it out until the end of the hand and contributes $2 in rake to a pot will earn more credit towards their bonus release than a player who only contributed $0.25. Players who fold without putting in even the blinds share no credit at all as they didn’t contribute to the rake.

The big advantage of the Weighted Contributed Rake Method is that players earn bonuses faster at Americas Cardroom. That’s because when a customer plays more hands and contribute more to each pot, he’ll earn more points.

We use the Weighted Contributed Rake Method to calculate the release of bonuses and to calculate the Rank Points you earn as part of our Elite Benefits Program.

Dealt Rake Calculation

With the Dealt Rake Calculation, every player dealt into the hand gets equal credit. It makes no difference if they play the hand or not or how much they contributed. So, if you received cards and you fold before the flop, you’ll still earn the same number of points as players who played it until the river, even if you didn’t contribute to the pot.

We don’t use the Dealt Rake Method at Americas Cardroom to calculate points.

Contributed Rake Calculation

In this calculation, players earn equal credit regardless of how much they contributed to the pot. But players who fold without posting a blind aren’t eligible to earn credits.

We don’t use the Contributed Rake Method at Americas Cardroom to calculate points.