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Elite FAQ

What are Rank Points?
Can I lose my rank?
What if I don't earn enough Rank Points in June to qualify for my status in July? Do I still get the bonus CPs for June?
Why do I see two Rank Point counters in my account?
Why does it look like my points balance went down?
Why can't I see the new Loyalty Program in the Rewards Tab?
Do Rank Points expire?
Can I transfer Rank Points?
Can I buy into tourneys with Rank Points?
Where do I find out what my military rank is?
Can I purchase items or enter tournaments with Rank Points?
What are Combat Points?
Will my Combat Points ever expire?
Can I purchase anything I want from the store?
I have a few more questions. Who can I contact?

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A total of 23 entrants dared to enter The Cage PLO $5,000 buy-in for its debut. As expected many players were eliminated with a total number of just 7 remaining of the 23 players who entered. To the victors went the spoils however with poof9 finishing in the top spot with a total of 31,156 chips which of course converted into real money!