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Time Based Tournaments


We get it. You only have so much time to devote to a poker tournament, and you don’t want to invest the time needed to play in your average multi-table event because you’re uncertain when it will end. Americas Cardroom recognizes that everyone’s schedule is different. That’s why we offer Time-Based Tournaments, events with pre-determined time limits.

Here’s how Time Based Tournaments work:

• A rundown of Time Based Tournaments will be displayed in the lobby. Players buy-in after checking this list.
• As in any poker tournament, the goal is to accumulate the most chips.
• Unlike most tournaments, these events will end when time runs out.
• Payouts are made to those with the most chips when time runs out.

These events will put your chip-management skills to the test as you attempt to build your chip stack before time is called.

Time Based Tournaments give you the opportunity to effectively plan your poker schedule. You’ll never play longer than expected.