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The Beast Daily Rake Race

The Beast Daily Rake Race
(November 3rd to 30th)

Earn an extra $500 a day in November! Starting November 3rd, we're giving everybody a chance to cash-in big via our new Beast Daily Rake Race

Limited on time? Don't have time to grind every day to compete in the weekly race? Now you can just grind hard one day and reap the rewards!


  • Each daily race runs from 12am ET to 11:59pm ET
  • Qualify for one of 4 payment tiers depending on how much you rake ($500, $200, $50, $25)
  • Estimated 130 players each day will win a cash prize that play each night at 6:30pm ET
  • The Super Satellite feeds into $600+$30 buy-in The Beast and Sit & Crush Cage Live Satellite every Sunday at 6pm ET which guarantees three $8,340 Cage Live packages

As soon as you play your first cash hand, you'll be automatically entered in the Beast Daily Rake Race. You can track your results in The Beast leaderboard page at the top right hand of the poker client. The more people who play, the bigger the prizes, and the more people that get paid!

The Beast Current Standings

The four payout tiers:

  • Tier 1: $500
  • Tier 2: $200
  • Tier 3: $50
  • Tier 4: $25

For every $2,200 raked in The Daily Beast, the prize pool adds:

  • 1 player to Tier 1
  • 2 players to Tier 2
  • 5 players to Tier 3
  • 20 players to Tier 4
  • We Reseed each race with $550

Residual funds (between multiples of $2,200) as the Beast grows are applied to the top places in Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 - maintaining each respective cap amounts.

Terms and Conditions

  • The qualifying period for each Beast competition runs daily from 00:00 ET to 23:59 ET.
  • Every player who ranks on The Beast leaderboard automatically competes for BOTH the cash prize and the tournament prize.
  • * Heads-up tables do not qualify for this promotion.
  • The Beast Daily is a true freeroll for the player as there is no jackpot fee taken from the players, instead the jackpot is fed by a part of the rake already collected.
  • Cash prizes are paid out on the following day. Money will arrive in winners’ accounts by 4pm ET.
  • The tournament for the each Beast Daily competition winners will be held on the following day at 6:30pm ET.
  • Players are responsible to play in the assigned online tournament won through the Tournament Race competition. Players that don’t play the tournament will be deemed to be “no shows” and will forfeit their tournament entry prize.
  • 25% of the overall jackpot will be taken to the reseed of the next competition's jackpot.
  • Tournament entries won in The Beast are non-transferable and may not be redeemed for cash and hold no cash value.
  • The Beast Points are updated in real time.
  • No points will be awarded for participation in tournaments or Sit & Go’s.
  • Cheating or team-play is strictly prohibited
  • Any player that cashes in the Beast Daily, and/or is deemed to potentially be involved in cheating/team-play must be able to prove that they are only a single player. The burden of proof to prove that they won the Beast in a fair manner, will fall solely upon the player. Players must participate in a Beast Live (either live or private, but viewable by the House) in the following month AND must be able to replicate the same conditions, on their own, in which they achieved their status in the previous month. Until a player proves themselves beyond a reasonable doubt, that they are not cheating, players will not receive their winnings from the previous month.
  • If a player is found to be cheating/involved in team-play, they will be dealt with in the strictest manner possible, including forfeiture of their Beast Winnings and compensation to other players within the Beast.
  • If you suspect a player or team play, collusion or any other form of cheating, please contact us.
  • Americas Cardroom reserves the right to change the general rules and conditions for this promotion at any time with or without notice.
  • General rules and conditions apply.
  • All management decisions are final.