Trump As Overwatch Heroes Perfectly Explains The Republican Nominee

In case anyone is still confused about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, the clever co-creator of Cards Against Humanity, Max Temkin, has created the perfect analogy. Using Overwatch Heroes, Temkin explains Trump's traits with caricatures that are both creative and amusing.

The website TrumpIsNotATeamPlayer is real. So real there is even a massive real-world billboard promoting it. With the caption “Donald Trump mains Hanzo and complains about team comp in Chat,” the billboard is obviously making a joke at Trump's expense that only Overwatch players will get.

Just how many people is that? The most recent estimates say the game has attracted 20 million players around the world.

The website features caricatures of Trump as Overwatch heroes, suing their attributes to depict his politics. Hanzo Trump says his team sucks, blaming everyone else for the faults in his campaign. Reaper Trump thinks the media is bias against him. Junkrat Trump says the whole game sucks.

Though it may appear lighter than much of the traditional political ads currently in circulation, the website holds no bars in its attacks on trump. “If he can't even keep his campaign together,” reads the caption next to Hanzo Trump, “how is he going to bring the country together.”

They were careful to include a statement at the bottom of the page that the ad was “paid for by the Nuisance Committee and not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.” The site also states their support for Hillary Clinton, calling hers the only campaign that “has a team that works together.”

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