Justin Bieber Sits Down To Play Poker At London Casino

People either find Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber either completely annoying or completely perfect, depending on whether they are a teenage girl or not. However, news is out this week that might just make another demographic of people NOT want to hate on the Bieber anymore. Poker players.

Yep, poker players may argue among each other and even dislike each other, but they will always respect the fact that another person actually plays, and it turns out that Bieber really does play poker. He was spotted late on Sunday night, according to the British newspaper The Daily Mail, in a London casino playing Texas hold'em in a regular game with regular players. According to an unnamed fellow poker player who was also at the felt, Bieber was "playing with ordinary members of the public" in the £200 (approximately $246) buy-in game. The fellow player went on to say that he was unsure how many times Bieber bought into the game or how much he won or lost.

Bieber is currently living in London while touring in the UK and Europe and will be basing himself there until the end of November, after which he plans to split his time between that city and LA.

Speaking of LA, where he normally lives, have any readers in that city seen Bieber playing poker at the Bicycle or any other famed poker room there? What are the odds on him showing up at the 2017 WSOP?

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