River Numbers Drags Down Overall Gaming Revenue In Mississippi

Casino revenue in the state of Mississippi took a downward turn in the month of August, although the story is not completely cut and dry. Casinos in the state are really split into two area - the coastal ones down on the Gulf of Mexico in and around Biloxi, and the river casinos upstate. Last month the coast did well, seeing a one percent raise worth around a million dollars while the river did badly, with a four percent drop which ended up bring the whole state down by a percentage point over the month of August 2015.

But for the Gulf Coast casinos, the story keeps getting better. August marked the seventh month this year that saw a higher revenue return than the corresponding month last year, with only one month (March) where revenue was down from 2015. Five months in 2016 have seen the Gulf Coast casinos bring in revenues of more than $100 million, compared with only two times during the whole of 2015. Before 2015, the years 2012, 2013, and 2014 saw $100 million plus revenues for just one month. It's reasonably safe to say that the gaming industry is on the up in southern Mississippi.

In contrast, the state's river casinos have only seen two months in 2016 where revenue has been higher than the corresponding month in 2015.

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