Michigan Governor Signs Landmark Marijuana Legislation

Marijuana is now a lot more dispensable and edible in Michigan thanks to landmark legislation signed by Gov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday. Snyder added his signature to three different bills which serve to clarify the legal regulations for dispensaries and marijuana edibles in the state.

Michiganders won their rights to legal medical marijuana through a voter-initiated law. Due to lack of clarity in its language there were some issues in implementing the law that created a few legal grey areas.

After a series of lawsuits left both medical marijuana dispensaries and producers of marijuana edibles at risk of operating illegally, three bills were drafted to clarify the state's regulations. One of the bills was sponsored by Rep. Mike Callton, who says the bill was necessary for the sake of the patients.

“They will help children with seizure disorders. They will help people with cancer maintain their quality of life,” said Callton when the bills were signed into law on Tuesday.

The first bill establishes the Medical Marihuana Facilities Act, which clarifies the growth, processing, transport and provisioning of medical marijuana. The second amends the state medical marijuana law to include the to include the manufacture and use of marijuana edibles. The third establishes a seed-to-sale tracking system which ensures the legality of medical marijuana through its entire path to consumers.

Governor Snyder praised the work of the state legislature in clarifying medical marijuana, stating that Michigan can now implement “a solid framework that gives patients a safe source from which to purchase and utilize medical marijuana.”

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