Casino Mogul Sheldon Adelson Donates $1M To Defeat Marijuana Measure In Florida

Casino Billionaire Sheldon Adelson has proven once again that he has plenty of money for campaigns against medical marijuana in Florida. The latest campaign finance records reveal his recent $1 million donation to Florida's Vote No On 2, the political committee campaigning against the marijuana measure which will appear on the November ballot.

Despite recent expansions to his casino empire, including a $2.7 billion casino in Macau, Adelson managed to scrape up a spare million for the fight against medical marijuana. This is the second time the 83-year-old republican donor has made a major contribution to Amendment 2 opposition.

Adelson is married to Miriam Ochshorn, an accomplished medical doctor who founded a substance abuse center at the Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv.

Though the amendment is written significantly differently than the Amendment 2 that came to Florida voters in 2014, Adelson opposes it just the same. Then, he reportedly donated $5.5 million. It was just barely enough, as the vote fell just 2.4 percent short of the 60 percent required by state law to amend the Florida Constitution.

The amendment is still considered highly restrictive compared to other states. It would allow for patients with specific debilitating diseases, such as HIV, epilepsy, and terminal cancer to receive medical marijuana prescriptions from licensed state physicians.

Vote No On 2 has called the proposed amendment “a scam to legalize pot,” and claims that it will end with more marijuana treatment centers than the number of state Walmarts and Walgreens stores combined – an odd argument that Politifact checked and rated “half-true.”

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