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Hand Based Tournaments

Tired of by-the-book multi-table poker tournaments? We are, too. That’s why Americas Cardroom is launching a new Hand-Based Tournaments model. The thing that makes this format so special is that unlike other tournaments, this one distributes prize money according to who has the most chips after a pre-determined number of hands are played.

Here’s how Hand-Based Tournaments run:

  1. Players buy in – same as any poker tournament
  2. Let’s say it’s a 100-Hand-Based Tournament. The event will wrap up after 100 hands have been dealt. The player holding the most chips at the end is the winner, and prizes are allotted based on chip-count finishes

Here’s the challenge: This format really puts your skill set to the test. On one hand, you have to outlast your opponents. On the other, you also need to know when to gamble so that you’re among the leaders when the final hand is dealt.

These tournaments are particularly good for players who don’t have all day to devote to a poker tournament. With Hand Based Tournaments, you can gauge how long the tournament will last.