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Study shows video gamers are healthier, less obese than non-gamers

December 3, 2020

The stereotypical gamer who sits around gaining weight and being a couch potato is a myth There’s new evidence that shows video games might be better than the stereotypical image they have been made to portray. Research has already shown that video games can help with post-surgery recovery and can also sharpen the mind, but […]

Video game usage in the US has increased 79% this year

December 2, 2020

A new study shows that video game activity has seen explosive growth as a result of COVID-19 Video games have come a long way since Pong on Atari. They are much more intricate and graphically intense, which have helped to see them enjoy substantial growth. However, it took a pesky little virus to really kick […]

Man loses $500,000 in video games thanks to housecleaning

December 1, 2020

An entire collection of video games and paraphernalia was lost in the blink of an eye A New York man just learned a very valuable lesson at an unfathomable cost. An employee of a gaming store based in New York City, he began a journey collecting video games and gaming paraphernalia years ago, carefully storing […]

Video games to be included in the 2021 Hugo Awards

December 1, 2020

The science fiction awards are going to include a new category for the Best Video Game next year The Hugo Awards, the annual celebration of the best in science fiction or fantasy, is making a big change in 2021. Typically focusing on 17 categories that include written and drama works, next year will see the […]

Marvel’s Avengers video game fails to deliver

November 27, 2020

The video game hasn’t been even close to achieving the same level of success the movie franchise saw Square Enix is probably wishing it had real superpowers now. The company is behind the Marvel’s Avengers video game, which anyone would have expected to be a Hulk-smashing success, given the popularity the movie franchise has enjoyed. […]

Artificial intelligence has learned how to judge a video game by its cover

November 26, 2020

Researchers are using artificial intelligence to classify video games It turns out that you might be able to judge a book by its cover, after all. Maybe not books yet, but video games, yes. Two researchers, Yuhang Jiang and Lukun Zheng, have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) solution that uses cutting-edge image recognition and natural […]

Red Dead Online is becoming a standalone video game

November 25, 2020

Rockstar Games is removing the shackles from the popular online video game Red Dead Online, the popular online offshoot of Red Dead Redemption II, is being set free. The video game’s developer, Rockstar Games, has announced that the multiplayer online version is going to be made available for purchase separately for all major consoles, just […]

The NBA’s Damian Lillard is coming to WWE 2K Battlegrounds

November 24, 2020

The five-time All-Star will be a playable character in the video game Damian Lillard is mostly known for his skills on the basketball court, but he is also a big wrestling fan. The point guard for the Portland Trail Blazers has shown his support for the WWE over the years and has even launched a […]

Most expensive video game ever sold at auction fetches $156,000

November 23, 2020

Long-time gamers won’t be surprised at the game that now holds the title as the most expensive game sold Since video games first came into gamers’ homes, there have been a few titles that have made a huge impact and have driven additional growth of the industry around the world. Few may have never envisioned […]

The company behind Roblox files to go public

November 20, 2020

The online games hub filed its IPO yesterday with the Securities Exchange Commission A video game company out of California who made a killing with one of its titles is going public. Roblox, an online games hub and the name of the popular video game, filed for an initial public offering (IPO) yesterday with the […]

Nominees for this year’s Video Game Awards announced

November 19, 2020

The award candidates have been selected and the winners will be announced on December 10 The Game Awards has its final list of nominees for this year’s top video games. Over 95 individuals, including media outlets, influencers and more, helped create the list, which includes games, content developers, creative teams and eSports professionals. Video game […]

Fortnite, other Epic video games can now include real-time facial expressions

November 18, 2020

Epic has acquired a tech startup that is going to lead to a whole new era of video game characteristics Technology has brought consumers some amazing innovations over the years, and one of the latest advances has the potential to completely revolutionize video games, as well as the entire gaming industry. It will be courtesy […]

Video games continue to get support from research

November 17, 2020

The latest indicates that playing video games improves mental health The myth that playing violent video games leads to violence was busted a while ago, and a recent study added more positive benefits to gameplay. Researchers found that playing certain video games helped in post-op recovery, and there is now more science showing additional benefits […]

Playing certain video games before surgery can help post-op recovery

November 16, 2020

More support for the benefits of video games continues to be found First, researchers determined that video games do not cause violent behavior. Then, they found out that playing video games can actually make kids smarter. Now, a new study reveals that video games have healing powers – in a matter of speaking. A study […]

EA Sports facing lawsuit tied to video game loot boxes

November 13, 2020

The video game company allegedly deliberately increases difficulty settings so it can sell more loot boxes Loot boxes have been at the center of global controversy for the past several years. They have been discussed at the highest levels of government everywhere, with opponents arguing that they are a form of gambling. The debate continues; […]

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