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Hot Wheels coming to video game consoles this summer

February 26, 2021

Every child’s favorite toy is becoming a video game After decades of existence, the iconic Hot Wheels brand from Mattel is racing back into action and will soon be coming to video game consoles. This will be the first original title in years, and it’s clear to say that many kids of all ages will […]

The Fighting Irish won’t be a part of the new college football video game

February 25, 2021

Notre Dame is sitting on the sidelines unless the NCAA makes some concessions As most people have heard, the iconic NCAA Football franchise may be brought back by EA Games in a college football video game revival. However, to get that done, they’ll first need to convince every school to make the individual licensing deals possible. Still, […]

Despite already proven false, Illinois lawmaker wants to ban GTA for promoting violent behavior

February 24, 2021

Illinois Representative Marcus Evans believes Grand Theft Auto presents a danger A bill looking to ban the sale of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) has been recently introduced by an Illinois state representative as he considers this video game to be promoting crime and violent behavior. Representative Marcus Evans is responsible for filing HB3531 last Friday, […]

Soulja Boy is reportedly interested in trying to launch a video game console again

February 23, 2021

A failed attempt at introducing a console almost three years ago isn’t deterring the rapper After not getting any success in 2018, American Rapper Soulja Boy has recently announced that once again he’d like to give it a try and is planning on launching his very own video game console. Many people might recall that […]

Kenny Omega gives an update on what’s coming for the new AEW wrestling video game

February 22, 2021

The first AEW video game is still in development and no release date is known During an interview with TalkSport, Kenny Omega said that AEW was still working on its first video game, and the release date is still uncertain. The wrestling-based game will be available on consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox, and an […]

EA Games to purchase an F1 video game developer

February 19, 2021

EA has confirmed its purchase of Codemasters, giving it access to F1 and more Production company Codemasters has been in charge of producing every single official video game of F1 season for over 11 years now. Nintendo Wii, in Jenson Button’s championship-winning season with Brawn GP was the very first one, and since then, it’s […]

Dota video game to get its own anime series on Netflix

February 18, 2021

The long-standing video game comes to the small screen in its own show Even though Dota players haven’t had any luck since 2013 (the last time a new mainline game was launched), everything indicates that Dota fans are getting some awesome news. It has been announced that a new Dota animated series might be coming […]

Enthusiast Gaming adds another nine video game communities

February 17, 2021

The gaming platform continues to gain popularity as the go-to gaming solution After reaching over 300 million monthly esports and video games fans around the whole world, the largest gaming platform in North America, Enthusiast Gaming Holding, has recently announced with a lot of excitement, that an exclusive agreement with nine new, leading video game […]

Microsoft gives a sneak peek at browser-based cloud gaming on XCloud

February 16, 2021

Employee testing of the new video game platform is underway According to The Verge, there’s internal testing among employees going on at Microsoft to use the company’s cloud gaming web app, making sure everything is going as planned. The report cites sources familiar with the matter, but also got ahold of some sneak peeks of […]

New Thor video game might be on the way

February 15, 2021

Crystal Dynamics is rumored to be working on a new God of Thunder video game It looks like Marvel’s Thor is going solo for a new adventure and could be showing very soon his own video game. This has been claimed by Daniel Richtmant, a prolific insider, who said that, per his sources, the God […]

Pigs are now playing video games, thanks to scientists

February 12, 2021

Scientists have taught two pigs to play video games with joysticks Panepinto micro pigs Ebony and Ivory and Yorkshire pigs Hamlet and Omelette can be considered as ambassadors for their species. These four pigs were part of a study that tested if they could learn to play a game, and they indeed showed a remarkable […]

Ubisoft not ready to decide whether to increase video game prices

February 11, 2021

The video game developer is still considering how to approach price tags for games After getting Ubisoft’s financial results through an earnings call discussion for the third quarter, Frederick Duguet, the company’s CFO, has revealed that the company hasn’t still made a clear decision about raising video game prices. Many other video game developers and […]

Favorite video game sidekicks revealed in a new study

February 10, 2021

Gamers choose their favorite video game sidekicks in a survey by Usually, in video games, the real focus is based on the main character. For example, Sonic the Hedgehog, Luigi and Mario and Master Chiefs of the world. However, it isn’t common that these famous videos characters act on their own since, in many […]

New Star Wars shooter video game reportedly in the works

February 9, 2021

Star Wars gamers have more good news to celebrate Some great news might be arriving for all the Star Wars fanatics since a new video game is expected sooner than thought. As is well known, EA Games is considered the main studio that has been partnering with Lucasfilm on games ever since the Disney merger. […]

Activision to remaster several video games this year

February 8, 2021

2021 is the year of the video game remake After kicking off the phenomenon in 2017 with the release of Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, Activision has lately been at the forefront of the remake trend, as the company has released some revamped callbacks to its most recognized franchises. As an example, after being tremendously acclaimed, […]

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