This 19-year-old is making $10,000 a month in the video game industry

This 19-year-old is making $10,000 a month in the video game industry

A teenager has found the secret to making big money on video games

The 19-year-old Arash Lahijani, Jimmycanwrite2 on Fiverr, realized he could fill his pockets in a big way by writing video game character backstories, earning $10,000 a month. He writes specifically for users who play Grand Theft Auto 5 Roleplay. The video game industry is quite lucrative, so any fan on Americas Cardroom who is looking to earn some extra cash might want to give it a try.

It all came about because a friend of his had paid a Fiverr freelancer $70 to do it for a Grand Theft Auto character. After that, Lahijani started researching and realized there was a market with good doors of opportunity. It was something he could do as a sideline after school and on weekends. Sometime later, he had already earned over $60,000 writing over 400 GTA Roleplay character backstories.

Thus, this young man has increased his income, through writing and video games. His level of professionalism has reached such a high level that he now even offers three types of packages for clients, costing between $45 and $195.

The most expensive option includes a ten-page backstory that takes about a week to write. Either way, Lahijani proves that a little creativity plus video games can make a good income for a side hustle.

In just his second full month of dabbling in this activity on the platform, he earned $9,700. “I never knew writing could make me $10,000 in a month,” says the 19-year-old sophomore at Baruch College in New York. He claims his clients range from “50-year-old parents to 15-year-old kids.” Still, he makes it clear that there are times when he can only devote a little time to his work, due to other study-related tasks.



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