For poker novices, this is the best way to remember poker hand values

For poker novices, this is the best way to remember poker hand values

Getting started with poker requires an understanding of what card combinations mean

For Texas Hold’em and all poker players, memory is a valuable weapon, as we can remember certain patterns of performance in some of our opponents. Memory is even necessary if a poker player seeks to be able to remember poker hands (and their value) needed to take the advantage. Our money depends on our memory capacity. If we don’t use it, we can fall back into the same mistakes we made before.

Always keep in mind that poker hands are ranked according to their chance at the table. You must understand the standard deck ranks, as well as the proper procedure to put them in order. No matter how many times they are played, poker hands will always be the same. Many novices manage to understand the different poker hands by using a “cheat sheet.” If you pay attention to this, it won’t be long before you will have a solid grasp.

Keep in mind that bets are usually made in two ways. In a game like Texas Hold’em, the player on the left side of the dealer may offer a small blind bet equal to half the minimum bet. On the other hand, the player on the opposite side can make a big blind bet equal to the minimum bet.

Once the second betting round comes to an end, it is necessary to analyze the turn card. The dealer has the option to “burn” the highest card and show the next one. The “turn” or “fourth street” card is this vehicle.

If your intention is to call, bet or raise, always keep in mind all the cards on the table as well as your own hand before making a choice. Being able to analyze all of this in detail will give you the ability to make an accurate decision.

Once you are aware of which hand to play, you also have to consider the “river” card, especially since it is the last card. There is one more card after the “burn” card, which will be the dealer’s “turn” card.

Examine your two hands in detail, as well as the cards on the table, before deciding which is your best five-card hand. After that, you have to make a decision, whether to bet, call or fold.



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