The $10 Million Venom is just one week away

The $10 Million Venom is just one week away

Have you check your calendar lately?  It’s already the middle of January, which means our biggest tournament ever is just one week away.

Of course, we’re talking about the $10 Million Venom.  Our multi-day tournament gets underway with Day 1 on Friday, January 21st at 1pm ET!  You can also take advantage of our three other Day 1 options on January 23rd, 28th and 30th.

If you’ve never played in the Venom before, you should know that it’s the biggest poker tournament offered by any US-facing poker site.  What’s even better is this multi-day tourney will pay the winner at least $1,000,000.

Venom seats cost $2,650, but don’t let your lack of cash stand in the way of your dreams.  You can attempt to win your seat for pennies by playing Skip tourneys or Venom Blitz Satellites (Cyclones).  We’re also hosting Step tourneys and freerolls that literally cost nothing except your time.

With the Venom fast approaching, we’re also hosting lots of Mega Satellites and Venom Fever events this weekend.  Check out the schedule below.


Friday, January 14th
6:00 PM Venom Fever MEGA – 5 Tickets GTD $95
8:00 PM Venom Fever Turbo – 1 Ticket GTD $32
Saturday, January 15th
2:30 PM Venom Fever MEGA – 5 Tickets GTD $215
3:30 PM Venom Fever MEGA – 5 Tickets GTD $109
Sunday, January 16th
10:30 AM Venom Fever MEGA – 5 Tickets GTD $215
10:45 AM Venom Fever MEGA – 5 Tickets GTD $109
5:00 PM Venom Fever MEGA – 10 Tickets GTD $215
6:00 PM Beast & SnC – The Venom MEGA – 20 Seats GTD $95
9:00 PM Venom Fever Turbo – 2 Tickets GTD $32


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