Sunday Recap: Players get warmed up for the Venom

Sunday Recap: Players get warmed up for the Venom

Our $10 Million Venom tourney is now under two weeks away, with Day 1A on Friday, January 21st. Yesterday, we saw players warming up for it with another huge Sunday at the tables.

Read all about it in our Sunday Recap for January 9th.

$1,000,000 GTD Million Dollar Sunday

Our weekly Million Dollar Sunday ($215 buy-in) had 5,880 total entrants for Day 2 yesterday. Each qualified through one of the 35 Day 1 flights That meant the final prize pool was $1,176,000. Congrats to the 675 players who got paid, including the top-3:

1) mattg6196 -> $184,867
2) roballinho88 -> $136,886
3) razortooth -> $99,960

$100,000 GTD Double Deuce

Our $100,000 GTD Double Deuce tourney has the same 35 flight times as the MDS but with a much smaller $22 buy-in. There were 9,728 total entrants who qualified for Day 2 yesterday, which put the final prize pool at $194,560. Here’s the top-3:

1) DeadMoney843 -> $30,161
2) Donovanj -> $22,374
3) murd3r -> $15,954

$250,000 GTD Warm Up

Our $250K GTD Warm Up tourney ($109 buy-in) was red-hot again yesterday with 3,816 total entries. That put the final prize pool at $381,600. Congrats to the 585 players who took home cash, especially the top three:

1) BlackAces100 -> $44,877
2) GTOvGUT -> $28,582
3) tittlemanscrest -> $20,034

$200,000 GTD Sunday Special

With 1,811 total entries, yesterday’s Sunday Special tourney was extra special. Because when it was over, the $215 buy-in event had a final prize pool of $363,200. The top three:

1) ferrarigirl42 -> $67,007
2) StrongQueenAA -> $41,291
3) MyLiFeIsPoTaTo -> $27,165

$200,000 GTD

334 total entrants participated in yesterday’s $200K GTD event, not flinching at paying the $1,050 buy-in. That meant the final prize pool was $334,000. The top three:

1) Yenomez69 -> $60,320
2) spoogey -> $39,185
3) LeetRunGoot -> $27,745

Did you know there are 35 Day 1 flights every week for our Million Dollar Sunday and Double Deuce tourney? Satellites start at just $2 for the MDS, so check out the schedules here.



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