Pennsylvania’s eSports activity puts the state among the top in terms of earnings

Pennsylvania’s eSports activity puts the state among the top in terms of earnings

The Keystone State holds the key to eSports success in the US

Pennsylvania, besides being considered one of the most important states in the US, for its tradition and participation in the history of this country, is now beginning to have great importance in relation to the world of eSports, being the University of Harrisburg a clear example of why. This has been confirmed after a recent list was shared that places the Keystone State in the top five of those earning the most money due to the different eSports activities that take place on its grounds.

Action Network, a sports betting platform, took on the task of conducting a study that gathered data collected from the top 500 eSports players across the country. Obtaining the results, the platform divided the players at the state level and came to observe which of all made the most dollars based on the industry’s competitions.

In terms of overall eSports earnings, California and Texas were the states at the top of the list, with $21.5 million and $12.1 million, respectively. However, Pennsylvania did not want to be left behind, coming in third place after reporting approximately $8.5 million.

“Players in California are capitalizing on the multi-million dollar industry the most, with gamers in the Golden State winning an incredible $21.5M in prize money-17 percent of the overall pot of $126.2M won by the top-500 players,” added Action Network.

Many may remain skeptical about this type of information, but it is true. eSports has grown to such an extent that it has generated millions of dollars in prize money for the US, and in fact, it is an industry that has reached a billion-dollar value worldwide.

Call of Duty seems to be the number one title making the most prize money, generating an estimated $28.4 million, while Fortnite was no slouch either, generating prizes of around $26.8 million.



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