Massachusetts business owners join the battle for legalized sports betting

Massachusetts business owners join the battle for legalized sports betting

Massachusetts businesses want the state to move forward with legalized sports betting

While many other states, including neighboring ones, have had great successes when it comes to sports betting, Massachusetts simply has not been able to keep up. It has been lagging behind in this major push to legalize this market. However, in an effort to try to make amends, just under 100 small business owners banded together. They drafted and sent a letter to the state Senate in hopes of pushing lawmakers to finally take action that would be favorable to legalized sports betting.

This move comes a few months after the Massachusetts Gaming Commission promised to analyze the various implications that a regulated sports betting industry would bring to the state. In the absence of a law that would allow these activities to be conducted legally, the Bay State has continued to let money out of its hands as neighboring states are taking advantage of its permits to corner the market.

However, being aware of this situation and without the intention of sitting on their hands, a group of bars, restaurants, and private clubs have made an appeal through a letter for legislators and senators to take action on the matter and give more intention to the necessary actions so that the measures are approved and a sports betting law is established in the state as soon as possible.

The letter was intended to be addressed to each of the 40 state Senators in the upper chamber as each member received a copy to read and analyze on their own. In this way, the companies not only seek to request the opening of this market but also to make it clear that such a measure would be extremely necessary to increase revenues and counteract everything that the state has had to suffer after the arrival of COVID-19 on its soil.



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