Will the real Super Bowl favorite please stand up?

Will the real Super Bowl favorite please stand up?

If there is one thing we’ve learned from doing this Super Bowl odds column every week, it’s that there’s been no consistent favorite.

Kansas City, Tampa Bay, and Buffalo have all been the favorite at some point this year and now it’s the Bills (+515) who are back on top after a second-consecutive Tampa loss.

However, Buffalo (6-3) doesn’t even have the best record in their own conference, let alone the entire league. Tennessee (8-2) is the only AFC team to have less than three losses and they sit at +901 odds.

Tampa is also 6-3 and is the favorite among all NFC teams. However, Green Bay (8-2), Arizona (8-2), Dallas (7-2) and the L.A. Rams (7-3) all have better records than the defending champs. I think the Packers are the best value pick of those teams at +801, with Aaron Rodgers looking to make the league pay after the negative criticism surrounding his Covid situation.

See the Super Bowl favorites below with last week’s odds in parenthesis. To see all the NFL odds, just click on ‘sports’ in the poker client.

Super Bowl Odds favorites

1. Buffalo Bills +515 (+582)
2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers +631 (+542)
3. Los Angeles Rams +771 (+744)
4. Green Bay Packers +801 (+960)
5. Kansas City Chiefs +881 (+1260)
6. Tennessee Titans +901 (+1050)
7. Arizona Cardinals +916 (+765)
8. Dallas Cowboys +926 (+1065)
9. Baltimore Ravens +1373 (+1025)
10. New England Patriots +2157 (+2850)
11. Los Angeles Chargers +2761 (+2021)
12. Cleveland Browns +5000 (+2950)
13. Cincinnati Bengals +6300
14. New Orleans Saints +6500 (+4500)
15. Indianapolis Colts +6700 (+7000)
16. San Francisco 49ers +6700

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