The New Orleans Saints and Taysom Hill have signed a new four-year contract

The New Orleans Saints and Taysom Hill have signed a new four-year contract

Hill will remain with the Saints, provided he can fill multiple positions

The New Orleans Saints (5-5) season seems to be in a tailspin after losing the last three games, but it appears that management, after sleeping on it, already has a plan for the future at the quarterback position with Taysom Hill. According to the latest reports, the New Orleans Saints have agreed to one of the strangest and largest contract extensions in the NFL with Hill, but one that would leave him with several million dollars to remain in his current position. The four-year renewal is a clear indication that the team, despite his recent injury, is happy with his performance.

According to a report shared Monday by ESPN, Hill’s deal with the Saints is a four-year, $40 million deal, as long as he remains a backup quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end, as well as a special teams player. However, this would change if Hill becomes the starting QB during that same period of time, as he would receive up to $95 million. As if that were not enough, the deal would also include $22.5 million in guarantees.

While the deal is not at all common to see in the NFL, it was reportedly able to be accomplished because the Saints had a salary cap incentive to get Hill an extension before his previous contract came to an end next spring. In fact, many fans were scratching their heads, not knowing what was going to happen with this player. While it is true that New Orleans will face severe salary cap restrictions again next offseason, the team has ensured that Hill will be on the roster for at least another four years.

The multi-faceted player has completed seven-of-eight passes this season for 56 yards with no touchdowns and one interception. He has also rushed for 104 yards and three touchdowns, adding four catches for 52 total yards.

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