Our newest ACR Team Pros tell us what they bring to the table

Our newest ACR Team Pros tell us what they bring to the table

We just made history by becoming the first online poker site to sign a husband and wife duo as Team Pros.  We’re proud to welcome Chris Moorman and Katie Lindsay into the fold. And once the ink dried on their contracts, we had the opportunity to sit down with poker’s power couple to discuss what’s new and see what they bring to the table.

If you aren’t familiar with Chris, the 36-year old Brit is easily one of the most accomplished online poker players on the planet. Chris has earned two WSOP bracelets to date and manage to score $1,068,690 after finishing second in the 2011 WSOP Europe Main Event.   You can read his full bio here, but here’s what he told us:

Chris, you have been in the poker world for many years, with fantastic achievements along the way. What is it about poker that still motivates you to fire up online tables or sit down at the live tables?

For me, poker is all about competition. Whether it’s poker, different sports or video games I love to compete against people. The beauty of poker is that anyone can beat anyone else on a particular day. What motivates me to grind year after year is to build a legacy that one day when I do finally stop playing that I can look back on proudly, knowing that I gave 100% to be the best that I can be at the game.

What does it mean to you to share your passion for poker with your wife Katie?

To get to share poker with my wife is amazing. When I first met her parents, I didn’t have to have that awkward conversation about my job because they were already huge poker fans and understood the swings of the game and that in the long run skill and hard work would win through. Katie and I are 100% a team and it helps so much to have someone who understands what you are going through when things aren’t going your way.

Also, when one of us is on a bad run, the other tends to save their bacon. Case in point is Katie crushed the Wynn $2200 mystery bounty getting 11 knockouts and going deep for $99k, whilst I was having a poor start to my WSOP schedule this year.

You are a great ambassador for the game of poker. Why do you feel passionate about representing ACR both live and online?

I started playing poker online and it is something that I am incredibly passionate about. ACR offers its customers well-structured large prize pool tournaments at an affordable price point. I really like what it has done to establish a strong foothold in the market and want to help it continue to grow. I qualified for the ACR Cage Live tournament a couple of years ago and had the best time. It felt like one big family and they treated all of the qualifiers to an amazing experience.

What would you like British players to know about playing on ACR?

A lot of sites make it difficult for UK players to play poker. ACR fully supports Bitcoin and being able to use crypto for both deposits and cashouts makes things a lot easier for players to move money around without a ton of restrictions like there are on other poker sites.

The WSOP is in full swing. Have you set yourself any particular goals for the series?

My main goal is to try and have fun no matter what the results end up being. I find that normally when I have fun, good things tend to happen anyway. When I first started playing poker over 15 years ago I could only dream about playing in the World Series of Poker, so I feel very lucky to be able to compete every year and it’s important to remember when things aren’t going your way that there is always another tournament and that there is more to life than poker.

The Venom is ACR’s flagship event. Why do you enjoy playing it?

The Venom tournaments on ACR are great. First place is usually around 500 buy-ins/ over $1 million. One of the main reasons why I love tournaments in general is because you can win so much more than you invest. The structure in the Venom is second to none. It really is similar to the ultimate poker tournament (the WSOP main event) but just online. Also, there are multiple day ones and tons of good value satellites leading up to it which often overlay too, providing the players extra value.

The last Venom that ran was a PKO and I was fortunate enough to make a very deep run, busting in 29th place. It was a huge buzz to play for such a large amount of money in the comfort of my own home and even though I became short-stacked numerous times the structure meant that one double up allowed me to be right back in the mix.

Will the fact that you are both ACR Team Pros fuel the competitiveness in the Moorman-Lindsay household?

The competitiveness in our house is already at 110% to be honest. When we are at the same table in a tournament Katie is always going after me and calling me a nit if I fold to her. I’m sure we’ll have some kind of a side bet for who wins the first ACR tournament as a team pro.

What makes you passionate and gets you excited about being an ACR Team Pro?

It’s a huge compliment to be asked to be a part of an online poker site. Only a handful of sponsorships are available these days so it’s an incredible feeling to be asked to be a part of the team.  It validates all the hard work I’ve put into poker over the years.

If you don’t know Katie Lindsay, she’s so much more than Chris Moorman’s better half.  Her poker resume not only speaks for itself, but she’s one of the game’s leading ambassadors.  With over $500,000 in live tournament winnings so far along with over $2,000,000 on the virtual felt, we’re proud to have her on our team.  Here’s what Katie had to say:

What does it mean to you to share your passion for poker with your husband Chris?

I remember years ago sitting down at a poker table and a man immediately saying “gross I would never date a woman that played poker.” I obviously rolled my eyes but it made me realize a bigger picture. How happy we are that we both do play poker. We understand the ups and downs more than anyone else could.

Of course, it can be hard at times, especially if you are both on a downswing, but to be able to fully discuss hands and situations with your partner and have them understand is irreplaceable. I also think there can be elements of this game whether you like it or not where you feel jealousy to see someone else succeed. And when it’s your partner there isn’t one ounce of that.

Katie, you brighten up the poker room with your fashionable outfits and your bright personality. What does it mean to you to represent women in poker?

For me, it’s just about being myself. I know it sounds funny but fashion is what initially inspires me to get out of bed every day and go play a live tournament. I get excited to pick out what to wear. I also get so much positive feedback from everyone enjoying my (sometimes ridiculous) outfits so it’s fulfilling. I’ve never been scared to just wear what I want no matter how ridiculous I look. Fashion is fun and that’s definitely what I want to bring to the tables.

As far as women in poker, I think that’s a more complex conversation. I play poker because I love games. I grew up doing that and basically that’s all I know. I don’t believe in the “pressure” so to speak, of getting women into poker. People should be able to do what they want and be supported.  I don’t think we 𝘯𝘦𝘦𝘥 more women in poker, I just think if women want to play, then they should.

The Venom is ACR’s flagship event. Why do you enjoy playing it?

I love the Venom events. It’s so amazing to have a $2500 tournament that has a pay out over a million for first. Also, I love that they do PKOs as well. I love being able to fight for a bounty so that’s definitely my favorite kind of tournament.

Will the fact that you are both ACR Team Pros fuel the competitiveness in the Moorman-Lindsay household?

Chris and I are already insanely competitive. We love to play games and seriously everything in our household becomes a challenge. For example, “guess who I talked to today” becomes a game until I guess the exact person. As much as we endlessly support each other, we are definitely still super competitive and love to battle against each other.

What makes you passionate and gets you excited about being an ACR Team Pro?

Honestly, I never thought I would be in this place. I came from being an agent that just wanted to get other people sponsorships and never saw this for myself. I started playing poker because I love games and this game especially. I want nothing more from poker than to try and do my best every time I play … and of course to have a few drinks and make some new friends. I feel like ACR is aligned with that mentality.

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