Omega Esports banned over match-fixing allegations

Omega Esports banned over match-fixing allegations

The eSports organization is done with Dota 2 following accusations it cheated in tournaments

The Southeast Asian Dota Pro Circuit announced that as of this moment, Omega Esports has been banned from all Valve-sponsored matches due to match-fixing in a match against Mongolian team Lilgun. The Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021-2022 has not even kicked off yet and already the first banned organization is reported. The Philippine team, which is involved in a huge scandal after Valve discovered that they fixed games, has resulted in the indefinite banning of the organization and will not be able to participate in official Dota 2 tournaments anymore.

According to what is known so far, Omega Esports will no longer occupy the Top Division spot they have had since last year. Boom Esports will now fill the spot as they were the seventh-place team last year and will come in to replace Omega’s spot in the upper-division. The lower division spot will be decided by a closed qualifier of several open qualifier teams, which will take place today. In situations like this, Valve extends the lifetime suspension for all players involved. However, match-fixing usually occurs with only a few players on the team, so more information should emerge about who, specifically, is responsible for match-fixing.

The instance of match-fixing apparently took place during season nine of the BTS Pro Series Southeast Asia. However, between the match-fixing instance and the announcement of a ban, Omega Esports changed its roster. This means that their new additions, which include Ramzi “ramz” Bayhaki, Lee “Forev” Sang-don and Liew Jun “Eren” Jie, will not be banned and will have to find new homes in order to participate in the Dota Pro Southeast Asia. Omega Esports made a showing at the last regional qualifier and has always been a middling team during the regular season.

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