Nintendo is bringing officially-licensed Super Smash Bros tournaments to the eSports world

Nintendo is bringing officially-licensed Super Smash Bros tournaments to the eSports world

Super Smash Bros. is now arriving on the professional eSports tournament circuit

There is no doubt that Super Smash Bros. currently boasts one of the healthiest competitive scenes in the entire video game industry. However, over the years, Nintendo has not shown much interest in holding professional tournaments around these fighting titles, leaving the community to organize their own events at the risk of receiving a complaint from Nintendo. Fortunately, this situation seems to be coming to an end in the near future, as the latest updates indicate that the huge company has finally decided to create officially licensed eSports tournaments for this famous title.

Yesterday morning, renowned eSports brand Panda Global took to its social media to announce an unexpected partnership with Nintendo of America. The goal is to create a circuit of tournaments that will revolve around the fighting video games of Mario and company. Although specific details of this event have not been announced at the moment, it is already known that the circuit will include online and in-person qualifier rounds for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, while the GameCube title will only receive in-person qualifier rounds once COVID-19 allows large-scale events to be held.

“This partnership with Panda Global is the next step in Nintendo’s efforts to create a more consistent, fun, and welcoming competitive environment for our players and fans,” wrote Bill Trinen, senior director of product marketing at Nintendo of America, in the press release. “We are proud to stand with an organization like Panda Global to celebrate and support the ever-growing competitive Super Smash Bros. community and create a space where all players can test and hone their competitive skills.”

Both companies also confirmed that, in the future, players from Canada and Mexico will also be allowed to attend, hoping that the COVID-19 restrictions will be more flexible. More details on eligibility requirements, dates, and where to watch the competitions will be revealed in the future. As expected, some professional Super Smash Bros. players and fans praised the announcement and recognized the positive impact it will have on the competitive gaming scene.

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