New Orleans Saints head coach Payton knows what went wrong in the Bills game

New Orleans Saints head coach Payton knows what went wrong in the Bills game

Sean Payton explains that the team essentially fell apart in every aspect

Thanksgiving night did not end as many New Orleans Saints fans had hoped. The Buffalo Bills simply steamrolled the Saints in their own stadium with a 31-6 victory, and as you might expect, there’s not really much to draw from. Still, Saints coach Sean Payton has been willing to weigh in and says he knows what really went wrong during this game that was supposed to be one of the last chances for the team.

The stats show that the Saints were barely able to record 190 yards, 44 on the ground on 25 carries, and were shut out for three quarters before scoring on the first play of the fourth. While QB Trevor Siemian had one of his least productive outings, Payton made it clear that he wasn’t the only one who turned in a forgettable performance, as there were other departments that didn’t measure up.

“I think that there are a number of plays in that game that he’d like to go back,” Payton said. “Pretty hard to play efficiently there if you’re averaging a yard-and-a-half running the football. The stress then falls on the passing game and then the pass rush. I had a hard time finding positives in any one individual’s performance on offense. That just is what it is.”

For the second straight game, the Saints also proved to have several shortcomings on ground defense, not to mention the pass defense had one of its worst performances to date. Payton is clear that there are many things that need to be improved. He added, “I thought our tackling wasn’t good enough. Our return unit, particularly in the kickoff return element, was poor. We lost almost every one of those battles. And then offensively, you go right down through it all.”

Although Taysom Hill was listed as a backup QB, Payton said that based on the type of injury he has and his current status, he didn’t think it was in his best interest or in the best interest of the team.

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