New casino in Salem, OR, to provide much-needed income and jobs

New casino in Salem, OR, to provide much-needed income and jobs

The casino will provide over $140 million in wages during construction

Job creation will always be something that many residents would welcome, no matter what part of the nation. The Confederated Siletz Indian Tribes of Oregon know this to be a fact, which is why they have come forward to share the great news that their upcoming proposed casino project in North Salem will open the doors for at least 2,300 people to work in construction, bringing in more than $140 million in wages.

The project, which was conceived a few years ago, is still awaiting federal approval and is facing several bumps in the road, including opposition from the Grand Ronde Confederated Tribes. Still, the project is scheduled to begin in the future, and if it does, the facility is reported to contain at least 2,000 gaming devices and 45 table games. It would be considered a four-star hotel with a pool, spa, a 15-seat nightclub, a sports bar and more than 500 rooms for a large number of guests to enjoy its amenities.

The tribe’s application, which was submitted in the summer of last year, is still under review by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. If approved by the Secretary of the Interior, Beaver State Governor Kate Brown will have one year to approve or reject the project.

While those approvals are not yet set, tribal leaders said construction is expected to begin between 2024 and 2025. According to a press release shared by the Siletz Tribe, the casino would generate $185.4 million in gross revenue and create 1,500 full-time jobs in its first year of operation. Over two years of construction, it is reported that the project would be capable of generating just over $490 million in economic impact, in addition to another $54 million in indirect purchases.

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