Just two days after its official release, Battlefield 2042 is now the worst-reviewed game on Steam

Just two days after its official release, Battlefield 2042 is now the worst-reviewed game on Steam

The video game isn’t getting a lot of support from gamers

After a slight delay, the official launch of Battlefield 2042 finally arrived last Friday. However, many players had the opportunity to try it out in Early Access thanks to EA Play, reporting very unfortunate experiences. As a result of the poor reception from EA Play users, Battlefield 2042 is the face of many incredibly negative ratings on Steam. Some of the comments relate to a large number of bugs, as well as the poor content with which it has been released.

Battlefield 2042 was announced in the middle of the year with a spectacular trailer that undoubtedly made many fans’ skin crawl. As the months went by, however, this enthusiasm turned into concern, as the first details that came to light raised some eyebrows. The title has now finally hit the stores, but its reviews are anything but favorable.

The debut of EA and DICE’s shooter arrived late last week. Unfortunately, both in the advance period and at the official launch left much to be desired, as performance errors, bugs, connection problems, and unbalanced weapons detracted from the experience. Many other criticisms were also largely based on some design decisions.

For starters, the idea of replacing classes with specialists was not so well received among all players, while the single-player campaign was conspicuous by its absence. As if the above wasn’t enough, the game didn’t even debut with voice chat and this left more than one player completely unsatisfied.

Considering all these elements, it is not at all surprising that this competitive video game is receiving terrible reviews on Steam and Metacritic. The situation seems to be quite alarming, as Battlefield 2042 has the dishonor of appearing in the top ten of the worst-rated games on Steam.

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