IESF boss pushing for eSports to reach the Olympics

IESF boss pushing for eSports to reach the Olympics

The head of the eSports organization speaks out on why eSports should be in the Olympics

Being linked to the Olympic Games seems to be one of the biggest goals that the eSports industry has in mind. For a long time, powerful supporters of the industry have been calling for this goal to be achieved as soon as possible, with Vlad Marinescu, the president of the International Esports Federation (IESF), being the latest to demonstrate an effort.

During the last stage of the World Championship Finals in Eilat, Marinescu said, “I think it is not fair that a community so vast, so rich, dynamic in culture and friendship, cannot be given the same level of respect afforded to any other human walking down the street.”

At the start of the event in Israel, Marinescu had made several comparisons between traditional sports and eSports, with the American encouraging players to use their profile to encourage others to live healthy lifestyles and make friends with people who may not share the same culture.

“Their objective is to be good role models and educators,” Marinescu added. “They are working really hard to be at the top level, they have a good message and that message can be amplified a lot better than other sports.”

The head of the IESF assures that besides being quite a competitive space, its level of followers has become quite large, especially due to technology and streaming platforms such as Twitch. It’s no secret that a professional eSports player has to invest a lot of time, energy, passion, and hard work to become the best. And this is precisely what Marinescu wants to be recognized in a more exponential way.

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