How to play small pocket pairs in cash Texas Hold’em games

How to play small pocket pairs in cash Texas Hold’em games

Small pocket pairs don’t necessarily have to be seen as weak cards

Depending on the situation you are in, you will notice how the value of the small pocket pairs will have a different value. Compared to a big pair in Texas Hold’em, these types of hands may not really have any function before the flop given the right situation and they could be completely deceptive and worth a fortune in post-flop play. The difference in outcome will be greatly affected depending on how you play small pair, which is why knowing how to play small pair with a little touch of aggression at the right time can be a great strategy for coming out on top in Texas Hold’em cash games.

When the flop is dealt, it is usual to see that small pairs will have their fate determined. In case you can’t get a set on the flop, there is a great chance that you are playing for a cheap showdown. If these types of hands are unimproved, then there really is almost no value in betting. Also, keep in mind that small pairs will naturally become bluff catchers more than any other type of hand at the table. For this and many other reasons, be cautious not to overvalue your hands. While it is true that many players get caught up in pre-flop action, this is not really the right thing to do, because it is quite possible that as the streets progress, circumstances will constantly change.

When receiving a small pocket pair, the first thing to keep in mind is how much value you will have in the showdown. Also, you need to keep in mind all those occasions when someone in the blinds catches a small pocket pair. The clear objective with small pocket pairs is to get a set. Playing through a set will roughly mean that you have a good chance of stacking your opponents and that is where you will start to take advantage to get the win you are looking for.

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