Hitman 3 is set to get a long-awaited upgrade next year

Hitman 3 is set to get a long-awaited upgrade next year

Fans of the video game series can look forward to some new action in 2022

Developer IO has recently announced that the popular Hitman 3 title will have a new year of content, including new maps, game modes, and even new technologies for its title. It’s no secret that Hitman 3 hit the market at the beginning of the year, being one of the first great games of 2021 and, in fact, one of the best action and stealth adventures of the last months. Therefore, receiving a new upgrade in 2022 is news that has more than one fan excited.

With two months to go until Hitman second anniversary, IO Interactive yesterday announced that the title will not be stagnant and, in fact, has been working on a Year 2 that will offer new content throughout 2022 so that players and fans of Agent 47 will continue to enjoy the title with an even more elevated experience.

It is expected that by the end of January 2022, the studio will provide more details of the new maps, storylines, modes, and ways to play Hitman 3 but, to whet your appetite, we already know that in January, we will be able to enjoy support for virtual reality on PC and during the first months of the year, they will also add support for Ray Tracing on computers. Hitman 3 has managed to break all the records of previous installments, becoming the best-selling installment and making IO Interactive’s most profitable year in its history.

The fact that IO is continuing to work on the trilogy is notable for different reasons. Thanks to the huge success achieved by Hitman 3, the franchise of the most famous assassin in the world of video games has managed to exceed 50 million players throughout its history, a truly spectacular figure.

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