Epic Games releases list of free games coming in December

Epic Games releases list of free games coming in December

Gamers have several interesting targets to look forward to next month

Holidays like Thanksgiving don’t seem to be slowing down Epic Games’ store plans. As usual, every Thursday, the famous game company releases its latest batch of free games while it reviews next week’s, and yesterday was no exception. This, in simple words, means that fans have the opportunity to claim this week’s free EGS games and now have an idea of what’s coming next. December looks to be a month that brings many surprises for Epic Games’ loyal followers of free games.

Titles like Dead by Daylight and While True: Learn will be available from December 2 through December 9, which technically makes them the first free games of the new month. There’s no doubt that Dead by Daylight could be a good choice on the Epic Games Store. It’s a title in which players have the ability to share with their close friends and make use of licensed characters and villains to play with, including high-profile assassins like Ghost Face. The game is now in its sixth year of support, and up to chapter 21.5 in terms of post-launch content. If this title has been on your consideration list before, now seems like an excellent time to be a part of the experience, especially with a winter event expected from December 9-23.

On the other hand, While True: Learn () is likely to be a bit more unfamiliar. But even so, most of the reviews for this game are trending positive and it seems that many players are enjoying it to the fullest. While True: Learn () is a puzzle simulation game about neural networks, big data, artificial intelligence, and a cat. While it is not designed for education, many have actually praised it for the various educational components that are included.

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