Amazon Studios may be planning on making an on-screen adaptation of the Mass Effect video game

Amazon Studios may be planning on making an on-screen adaptation of the Mass Effect video game

The popular video game is the latest to be considered for the small screen

Information has recently been released regarding one of the most important science fiction sagas in the video game space. According to what is known so far, Amazon Studios is moving the last chips to close a deal and have the possibility of developing a series based on Mass Effect, a brand of Electronic Arts whose games are designed within BioWare. For the moment, there are no further details, beyond the fact that the huge eCommerce company plans to expand its offer in this genre, especially after the success of The Wheel of Time.

One of the most popular and prestigious video games of recent years makes a niche in Amazon Prime Video. The news comes just after the recently released ‘The Wheel of Time’ has met with considerable success. Many experts have called it the best premiere of the year and one of the five best in the history of the platform.

Such seems that this success is having an immediate reaction as Amazon Prime Video has seen that in the fantasy genre, there is an inexhaustible source of success. “You’ll continue to see us invest in all kinds of fantasy genres. We have a genre-focused team at Amazon Studios that works tirelessly with our creative partners,” says Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon Studios.

Although the announcement was not very specific when it came to giving details, among the projects that Amazon Prime Video wants to develop in this field is “Mass Effect,” the space RPG from Bioware. Amazon and EA have been in talks for some time, and the company believes it is a good idea and it is time to start putting it into action.

This would not be the first time that an adaptation of the Bioware franchise has been attempted. In 2010, Legendary Pictures announced a movie that even had a finished script but did not come to fruition. It seems that Amazon Studios does not want to miss this opportunity at this time, and soon we could see a finished project that would sweeten the eyes of many fans.

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