A crackdown on cheating in eSports is coming

A crackdown on cheating in eSports is coming

More players and organizers are getting frustrated with eSports cheaters

While it is true that the early release of Halo Infinite multiplayer by 343 Industries was seen as a gift to fans to start the holiday season off right, there is now a problem that must be faced; cheaters. The release has not been out for more than three weeks, and already many players are demanding the removal of cross-play and a stronger anti-cheat after the rise of cheaters. No doubt this is a big annoyance for all those players who try to give their best efforts to be able to excel and pass all levels fairly.

A while back, many users reported that hackers had cornered their lobbies with exploits that give them wallhacks, aimbot, infinite skills, increased speed, infinite ammo and even a name spoofer that changes their names, making it virtually impossible to report or track them down. In fact, not too long ago, OpTic Gaming pro Lucid encountered a cheater during one of his games, and interestingly enough, the accused person was live-streaming his game. Although the claims were flatly denied by the streamer, it is noted how clearly his cheating system was visible on the screen. Due to this infraction, his Twitch account was suspended some time after that happened.

As long as Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode remains free (as it makes it much more accessible), it’s a problem that 343 will have to deal with. By not having to pay a price, players simply have the ease of creating new accounts and continuing to cheat, and if immediate action isn’t taken, the title could soon ruin its great reception.

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