WSOP dealer confuses players after allowing chips to be given away

WSOP dealer confuses players after allowing chips to be given away

A WSOP dealer reportedly didn’t understand WSOP tournament rules

There appears to have been a major mix-up during a World Series of Poker (WSOP) event after a player lost his entire stack after attempting to give away chips to one of his opponents. According to what is reported, the dealer who allowed the action was unaware of the severity of his infraction, leaving the other players at the table with no other option but to call the floor supervisor over.

“He said ‘Are you all cool with that?’ to the 4 of us remaining at the table, including the forfeiting and potential benefitting player. Once I called it out, the benefitting player tried to negotiate by suggesting we split it 3 ways,” were the words the dealer had said, according to Josh Heinzl, who was at the table.

There is no doubt that the spread of such a story on social media will be enough of an embarrassment for Caesars Entertainment, which was already under great pressure after information leaked that the company only employs less than half of the 1,300 dealers needed to ensure the smooth running of the tournament series. Now, people not only think that Caesars doesn’t hire enough staff, but that they aren’t even trained enough to know the rules of poker.

Heinzl claims that about half of the dealers he encountered during the first few days of the event said it was their first day in that position, which leaves a lot to think about. The poker rooms at Bally’s and Flamingo were supposed to be closed so that dealers would be able to be part of the WSOP being held at the Rio Convention Center.

However, so far, there is a lack of organization that Caesars has to work hard on. Both fans and professionals participating in the event hope that the remaining days will go well and that the event will go as smoothly as we have been accustomed to seeing in the past.

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