Understanding the 19% rule in Texas Hold’em

Understanding the 19% rule in Texas Hold’em

Developing a winning Texas Hold’em strategy implies massaging the table

Understanding the best unusual poker fundamentals is of great importance to have a relevant base of knowledge in Texas Hold’em. Many players expect their skill in the game to be enough, but sometimes you have to explore even the most obscure corners in order to achieve greater success at the poker table. There are unusual Texas Hold’em strategies that can be a bit tedious, but this is definitely not the case with the 19% rule.

It’s no secret to anyone that Texas Hold’em can become quite a complicated game at different times, and therefore, people believe that taking a complex route with poker strategy is necessary to achieve the desired success. This is simply not the case, as what is really necessary is a bit of creativity and patience. This is where 19% comes into the picture.

The rule couldn’t be simpler: to see a maximum of 19% of poker hands for your Texas Hold’em cash game or poker tournament. As the word says, this is more of a rule than a strategy, but if followed to the letter, it can be just as effective in application. It will simply force poker players to play fewer hands, which will result in a decrease in variance. However, it will also accomplish something that most people will miss.

The fewer hands that are played, the longer you will last at the table in cash games or even Texas Hold’em poker tournaments. This will lead you to have a more extensive evaluation. Simply put; the more poker hands you are able to see, the more likely you are to pick up patterns in your mind. The idea here is to stop seeing your opponents as just poker players. They act in their own way, and once you start seeing them as mere human beings, you will realize that they have patterns, and very rarely do they not stick to them. Once you do that, you will have them in the palm of your hand and you will begin to have total control of the game.

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