Understanding SPATS in Texas Hold’em

Understanding SPATS in Texas Hold’em

SPATS is a common strategy in poker, even for those who don’t know they’re using it

Even though you may consider yourself a poker pro with enough experience to defeat anyone who gets in your way, sometimes there are unusual fundamentals that you may be overlooking. Having a good foundation of Texas Hold’em knowledge will undoubtedly add extra value to your overall experience, since being a poker expert is not just about knowing how to play poker, but about knowing everything about it as well. There is a Texas Hold’em strategy called SPATS that not many players know, so get ready to no longer be part of that group.

There are players who, through The Perfect Range poker strategy, have pocketed huge amounts of money in major poker events today. This strategy, more popularly known as SPATS, is primarily used in low-stakes Texas Hold’em games and has the potential to be applied in both cash games and poker tournaments. SPATS has a high priority over a variety of poker hands to play. “Suited-Connectors, Pairs, Ax-suited, Ten and higher, and Suited One-Gappers” is the full meaning from where its acronym is taken. The reason for this is because if you only decide to play these poker hands, the variance will automatically be reduced, plus your game will be tightened up and it is precisely at this point that you will notice that your bankroll will begin to inflate exponentially.

While it is true that you have the freedom to play whatever hands you want on the button and blinds, it is recommended to be very cautious in the small blind, especially because there is no commitment to the pot and you will be in the worst possible position. Keep in mind that the range to defend your big blind has a lot to do with the player who raised your big blind.

Simply put, if the idea is to simplify the game while increasing your odds of winning, stick to SPATS on the button and blinds. One of the biggest advantages of this strategy is that you’ll have a tight outlook because you’re playing premium poker hands with a wide variety of poker.

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