The ref who loves to throw flags has been assigned to the New Orleans Saints

The ref who loves to throw flags has been assigned to the New Orleans Saints

Shawn Hochuli will now be part of the Saints’ referee squad

Not all referees have the same style of refereeing. Some are more permissive, while others keep an eye on even the slightest movement that occurs on the field of play. In the case of referee Shawn Hochuli and his crew, things seem to be extreme, as the referee is known for constantly throwing penalty flags. Now, Hochuli and his gang are coming to the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints are coming back from their bye week as they kick off against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football next week in the third visit to Lumen Field in a matter of two years. In addition to having to face their rivals, they will have to make cautious moves, as they will be working with a referee crew that has thrown a total of 87 penalty flags this season, a number that exceeds that of their refereeing peers in the league. On the other hand, there should be fairness in the metrics, as several teams have already taken a week off, while Hochuli’s staff has managed six games in as many weeks. If you look at it this way, Scott Novak’s team ranks first with 16 fouls per game, while Hochuli would fall to second with 14.5 per game.

One of the advantages for the Saints that could be reflected again in this upcoming matchup is that Hochuli has been tougher on teams playing in their home stadium than on visitors. Should that trend continue into Monday’s game, the Saints may have a sigh of relief. Be that as it may, the important thing is that, regardless of the referee, the Saints have to go out there and give their best to get another win that will make the road to the playoffs easier.

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