The plans for the New Orleans Saints should Gayle Benson pass won’t sit well with fans

The plans for the New Orleans Saints should Gayle Benson pass won’t sit well with fans

Upon the Saints’ owner’s passing, the team is to be sold and the proceeds given to charity

The New Orleans Saints were acquired by Tom Benson in 1985; however, after his passing in 2018, Gayle Benson, his wife, took ownership of the team. Benson, 74, has now revealed her succession plan. According to what she said during an interview, the plan is to sell the Saints, with the proceeds of the transaction given to local charities. Fans are likely not very pleased with this news.

“I can’t take it with me,” Gayle Benson told the Times-Picayune. “God gives us gifts, and this is a gift. I am a steward for this [organization]. And we help other people with it. My wish is to scatter all the good and gifts that God and Tom have given me to this city and community.”

According to reports, team executives are making every effort to keep the team in New Orleans, whoever the buyer is. The Superdome lease will play a big role in this decision, as the current lease expires in 2025. Negotiations are currently underway to extend that lease for at least another ten years.

Ms. Benson’s succession plan (which must be updated annually) has already been approved by the NFL. Eventually, the owners will have to approve the buyer and this appears to be a not-so-easy task. The good news is that the value of the team will increase as time goes on, which will drive the sale price and profits even higher as a result. However, this could also make it much more difficult to find a buyer who is willing to pay a higher amount.

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