The number of video gamers in the US has dropped significantly from last year

The number of video gamers in the US has dropped significantly from last year

COVID-19 produced an increase in video game action, but it hasn’t lasted

The last almost two years have been quite long and tedious. The arrival of COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in many parts of the world, and the US has been no exception. While it is true that video games have never stopped trending, and with a new year soon to come and more titles on the table of options, one option that is also becoming viable is to get out of the house. The pandemic has slightly subsided in many states and this has led to the restrictions being lifted. While it is true that the video game industry boomed when people were forced into quarantine, this has already begun to diminish as people are playing less than they did during that period.

The turn to video games was a clear indication of how people, especially young people, were trying to cope with the stress of being cooped up in the house, but the freedom that is now being regained has caused the number of gamers to drop considerably again. This was confirmed by research conducted by the NDP Group, which found that around half of the gamers who took up gaming as a hobby have stopped using their consoles regularly.

Last year, the number of people who played video games on a regular basis in the country increased from 73% to 79%, but according to the new study, that figure fell back to 76%. Half of the people who were trying video games for the first time or were returning to them have stopped playing once again, while long-time gamers have moved on.

The numbers seem to make a bit of sense. People are no longer entirely forced to stay at home, and being able to get out on the streets makes the usual time spent playing video games a thing of the past. Many entertainment businesses are back to normal, and there are people who prefer to go to a movie, a sports game, or just go out for a walk with family and friends, rather than stay at home playing a video game.

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