Sunday Recap: Inaugural Million Dollar Sunday a big success

Sunday Recap: Inaugural Million Dollar Sunday a big success

Yesterday was another ground-breaking day at ACR as we completed our inaugural Million Dollar Sundays tourney, which easily beat the guarantee.

Read all about it in our Sunday Recap for October 10th.

$1,000,000 GTD Million Dollar Sunday

There were 5,909 entrants who made it to yesterday’s Day 2 of our $1,000,000 GTD Million Dollar Sunday. With a $215 buy-in, that meant the final prize pool easily covered the guarantee at $1,181,800. And the top finisher took home almost $200k. Here’s the top-3:

1) WestCliff21 -> $185,779
2) EPCStudent -> $137,562
3) Protobaggins -> $100,453

$250,000 GTD Warm Up

Our $250K GTD Warm Up tourney ($109 buy-in) was extremely warm again yesterday with 2,823 total entries. That meant the final prize pool reached $282,300. Congrats to the 432 players who took home dough, especially the top three:

4) NUTZonurchin -> $34,837
5) TTZP -> $22,302
6) thecadream -> $15,809

$200,000 GTD Sunday Special

With 1,244 total entries, yesterday’s Sunday Special tourney didn’t disappoint once again. When it was finished, the $215 buy-in event had a final prize pool of $248,800. The top three:

1) IEatFaces -> $47,272
2) DuudeLovee69 -> $29,110
3) roadkillRY -> $20,153

$200,000 GTD

220 total entrants took part in yesterday’s $200K GTD event, not flinching at all in paying the $1,050 buy-in. That meant the final prize pool finished at $220,000. The top three:

1) ElPutoAm0 -> $44,000
2) neggan -> $28,600
3) SCUMBAGBRAD -> $20,240

There are 27 Day 1 flights every week for our Million Dollar Sunday. The cost is $215 but you can qualify via satellite for just $2. Check out the schedule here.

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