Sony Interactive boss unhappy with PlayStation video game access

Sony Interactive boss unhappy with PlayStation video game access

Jim Ryan feels that PlayStation’s ability to serve the gaming community is stifled

Not being able to reach more gamers has Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Jim Ryan very frustrated. According to him, he is not at all happy about the way PlayStation’s original games are restricted to its current audience of console models of tens of millions of gamers. The company has been known to work hard for years to become an entertainment platform for many, but not being able to have a wider reach has left Ryan dissatisfied of late.

The PlayStation chief said during a keynote speech at GI Live: London that he is hopeful of reaching hundreds of millions of gamers in the same way that music and movies do. “I hope that PlayStation 5, and I really believe the PlayStation 5 will be Sony’s biggest and best and most loved PlayStation yet. I hope that will happen,” Ryan said when asked about his hopes for the future. “I would also like to see a world where the games that we make at PlayStation can be enjoyed by many tens of millions of people. Perhaps hundreds of millions of people. Right now, success with the current console model, a really great PlayStation hit you’re talking ten or 20 million people being able to play that game.”

Ryan says that both movies and music can be enjoyed by an almost unlimited audience, and he hopes that PlayStation access can reach those levels one day. He says Sony studios are going to great lengths to bring entertainment into the home, and he would love to see a world in which hundreds of millions of people can enjoy the games they’ve worked so hard to make.

Many experts said they were intrigued by the executive’s comments and speculate that they could be a sign of an increase in PC releases in the future.

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