Some of the best poker podcasts players should be viewing

Some of the best poker podcasts players should be viewing

Any poker player looking to follow the poker world or improve should check out these shows

The popularity of podcasts has been increasing over time, and the poker world has been no exception. Many poker fans may not be aware that there are many important event-related podcasts, but they should definitely be listened to in order to have more extensive knowledge about poker and, in particular, Texas Hold’em. Today, there are more than 60 active poker podcasts, a number that has increased even more in recent years with the emergence of COVID-19.

One of the podcasts that should definitely not be missed is “The Grid.” There is currently no other type of podcast that achieves the triune goal of strategy, personality and depth as this one. Jennifer Shahade’s narration, with her unmatched accent, microscopic lisp and nonchalant rush, takes hold of the listener. Simply put, it is like music to any poker fan’s ear. Unlike the attitude of many hosts, Shahade’s method is to get straight to the point; she doesn’t lose momentum in the post-mortem either.

“Thinking Poker” is another one that should be on the list of anyone who is a poker fan. Andrew Brokos, who is conducting this edition, is definitely well versed in poker and has a great rapport with the listening audience. Players will find this podcast to be an ongoing and reliable program, as well as a high-level strategy that will help them fine-tune any style of play. Brokos is always at the forefront of poker developments, and many players have been able to keep up with the pace of innovation.

Last but not least, there is “Raise Your Edge,” which is considered the best in edge-related programming. With Bencb, viewers get an industry legend who seems to take a rather sober approach to his group. If the podcast manages to continue to succeed, this could be one of the best insider poker podcasts for the tournament scene.

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