Razer looks to improve eSports gamers health through new wellness program

Razer looks to improve eSports gamers health through new wellness program

Champions Start from Within hopes to raise awareness about mental and physical health in eSports

In an effort to provide adequate information on how to deal with physical and mental wellness as a major tournament, Razer has decided to launch a wellness program called Champions Start from Within. The idea of this project is to provide different resources for professional eSports players to know how to properly deal with physical and mental wellness while preparing for and competing in high-level tournaments. It is known that these competitions sometimes lead to exhaustion that can affect the players, but Razer seeks that this can be controlled in a better way.

In order to carry out the program, the company has decided to rely on different experts, such as physiotherapists, nutritionists, and psychologists, which will be responsible for providing advice and methods in the form of articles, videos, and activation on the site. Any player who is interested in taking advantage of this opportunity can do so through the dedicated web portal for free.

It is known that the popularity of eSports has grown worldwide, and it is because of this trend that the need for the program was born. Estimates indicate that global eSports revenues will experience a year-on-year growth of 14.5%, valued at $1.084 billion by 2021. This being the case, there has been an increase in the number of players in professional tournaments, who are looking to emerge victorious at any cost. However, this means that players are pushing themselves both mentally and physically, without paying adequate attention to their nutrition and physical activity.

“The eSports scene is dynamic and fast-paced, and that’s what makes it so exciting and engaging – but the industry hasn’t placed a lot of emphasis on physical and mental health, so many athletes are often unaware of how to care for their minds and bodies for a longer-lasting career,” said Flo Gutierrez, Director of Global Esports at Razer.

The company seeks to ensure that players and teams in general, regardless of their current level of competition, receive the right support from leading experts in the field.

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