Pocket Aces beaten by the ugliest hand in poker at the WSOP

Pocket Aces beaten by the ugliest hand in poker at the WSOP

If you limp in with pocket rockets in Texas Hold’em, you’re asking to get beat

As is well known, although poker is a game where strategies and different techniques play a very important role, there are times when luck can lead you to achieve a totally unexpected success. Such was the case of a player of the current World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2021, who, after having the most horrible hand you can imagine, was able to overcome pocket Aces that seemed to be insurmountable.

The event took place during the final table of the $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em tournament. Typically in poker, the best hand is pocket Aces, and the worst hand is regularly a 2-7. Brandon Caputo was a player who was in the latter stage and had a pair of Aces with almost two million in chips. While it is true that by that point in the final table, his holdings were not much, the player wanted to get as much value as possible, so he decided to only call the big blind. On the other side was Harvey Mathews, with over nine million in chips. This player was holding suited 7-2 of diamonds and was able to get into the hand without paying as the big blind.

The flop was 10-2-3, with the 3 of diamonds showing its face, and this is precisely where things got interesting. Caputo decided to bet $160,000 and Mathews paid with his pair of 2’s. By the time the turn came around, the 8 of diamonds appeared, and immediately the players realized that the flush draw was on the line. Even so, Caputo decided to bet $300,000, and, after a moment of silence and analysis, Mathews went all in, to which Caputo did not hesitate to pay. To the surprise of the players and fans (and probably even the dealer), the river saw a diamond, specifically the queen, show its face. Mathews connected his diamond flush and eliminated Caputo with what started out as the worst hand against the best possible hand in the game.

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