Morgan Creek Capital CEO expects cryptocurrency to be bigger than the Internet

Morgan Creek Capital CEO expects cryptocurrency to be bigger than the Internet

The financial guru believes crypto can generate more wealth than the Internet has

The boom of the Internet’s creation has been simply unsurpassed; however, according to Morgan Creek Capital’s CEO, the cryptocurrency space will eventually surpass the greatness that the Internet has today. According to Mark Yusko, in an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, the foundations of crypto – the Internet of value and blockchain – will generate more wealth than Web 1.0 and Web 2.0.

“We haven’t even gotten to the parabolic growth part of Web 3, which is going to create untold wealth,” stated Yusko. He has carved out a career as a hedge fund manager and has benefited exponentially from investing in early Internet technologies. In 2017, he decided to embrace digital currencies after realizing that it had the potential to power the Internet of value, a new version that enables users to exchange value directly without going through financial intermediaries.

Compared to previous versions of the Internet, the “web of trust,” as Yusko called it, will generate an exponentially greater amount of wealth. “Financial services is far bigger than information and media and commerce,” he pointed out.

However, Yusko said he is firmly convinced that before a parabolic growth phase is a fact of life, the crypto industry will have the potential to overcome opposition from traditional financial players and possibly be able to face another major correction. “The incumbents really don’t want the disruptors to win, so they will fight really hard. They’ll throw up regulatory barriers – they’ll try to buy up the companies and shell of the technology,” he said.

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