Kelly Minkin causes a stir at the WSOP after confusing move

Kelly Minkin causes a stir at the WSOP after confusing move

The poker pro exited an event, only to rejoin later

Kelly Minkin caused a Twitter uproar after the community learned that she dropped out of a World Series of Poker (WSOP) event and moments later re-entered the same tournament as if nothing had happened. Social media went crazy minutes after the action was reported by Adam Hendrix on Twitter, and Minkin ultimately indicated that she was the famous pro everyone was referring to.

It should be noted that once a player registers for a tournament and learns which other players will also be at the starting table, they can still choose to cancel their registration before play begins. However, what is generally not allowed is to re-register after this in the hope of a more favorable draw of opponents at their table.

“If a player sits down at his assigned seat and doesn’t like the fact that they are sitting with players that are better than them, they can unregister and then buy back in so they get assigned a different table with players that they THINK they have an edge on,” a Tweet clarifies.

Minkin didn’t want to sit back and watch everyone criticize her actions, so she was quick to point out her reasons for retiring in the first place. Hendrix, on the other hand, realized that Minkin had done nothing wrong and that the WSOP room allowed her to return to the event. This being the case, he retracted his initial statement and asked the organizers to provide more complete information regarding the policy.

There is no doubt that the ruling is certainly open to abuse, but the WSOP will have to get to work on scenarios like this. Otherwise, it is very likely to see many other players looking to make this same move in the future.

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