FaZe Clan’s Kalei banned from Twitch over “sexually suggestive” behavior

FaZe Clan’s Kalei banned from Twitch over “sexually suggestive” behavior

The eSports personality and gamer finds herself on the wrong side of Twitch’s rules

Getting banned from Twitch is really a serious thing if you have a relationship with eSports. Kalei, FaZe Clan’s only female content creator, ran into this problem, as recent updates have indicated that she has been banned from accessing the platform. There is no doubt that the news has come as a great surprise to many, including the actual actor in the situation. The news was shared by the unaffiliated Twitch banning bot, Streamer Bans, yesterday via a tweet.

Keli’s participation on the platform was consistent prior to her ban, and she usually used the streams to play Call of Duty: Warzone. Her relationship with Twitch has been quite long and her addition to FaZe Clan happened in the middle of this year. According to reports, Twitch regulators noticed some suggestive content on the player’s account, and she was immediately banned for three days, according to a screenshot posted on her Twitter feed. The violation occurred “in public or private chat messages.”

Once the news broke, Kalei’s response was immediate, stating, “Are you guys smoking crack? All I wear is oversized hoodies and t-shirts. The only time I don’t is because I got a tattoo on my collarbone and that’s somehow sexual? Are you guys high?”

Some of the fans have indicated that Kalei might have been banned from the platform mainly because of some “copypastas” that viewers had allegedly been spamming in her chat. To have a better understanding, copypastas on Twitch are usually blocks of copied and pasted text that often feature a humorous, sarcastic or trolling message. They usually do not represent any kind of context and are posted to the relevant Twitch chats in the hope that they will be responded to.

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