Dan Schorr releases new poker thriller novel, Final Table

Dan Schorr releases new poker thriller novel, Final Table

The long-awaited book that combines poker and politics has finally hit digital bookstands

Dan Schorr has been around the poker community for quite some time now. This has led him to live experiences that he has long wanted to convey through a book, and it looks like he is finally fulfilling that dream. It has been announced that Schorr has recently released a book called “Final Table,” a novel of poker and political thriller that will have Texas Hold’em players, and everyone else, wanting more.

15 years ago, Schorr was about to take part in his first World Series of Poker (WSOP) event, a $2,000 No-Limit Hold’em tournament, when all around was interrupted as a young player at a neighboring table called the clock on Phil Helmuth. Clearly what came next brought all the action to a halt, with other players dropping their game to watch in bewilderment and gawking.

“I had never played with big-name poker personalities before,” Schorr says, “and then, all of a sudden, right in front of me, the legendary Phil Helmuth was standing and berating this kid, saying things like, ‘Who are you to call the clock on me?’ and ‘I bust people like you every day!’ It was a fascinating moment, and my immediate thought was, ‘This is great. One day, I’m putting it in a book.'”

Today, Schorr has built a successful career as a prosecutor and sex offender investigator, in addition to being the director of his own misconduct firm called Dan Schorr LLC. For a time, Schorr lived in China, where he accumulated more surreal casino experiences. All these incidents were accumulated in his mind, and today he is pouring them into his new book, Final Table. This thriller promises to be intense, riveting, and fast-moving about international politics, toxic social networks, major poker tournaments, and even high-profile sexual misconduct allegations. A mix that seems to be a bit unusual for many, but is certainly of great interest.

Final Table has already become a hot topic for many, including prominent poker figures such as 2003 WSOP Main Event champion Chris Moneymaker, who has recommended reading the book as soon as possible.

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