Dan Bilzerian rumored to be considering heads-up poker match against Alec Gores

Dan Bilzerian rumored to be considering heads-up poker match against Alec Gores

The poker showman and entrepreneur faces a $1-million challenge

It seems that much of Playboy’s social media Dan Bilzerian’s lavish and extravagant lifestyle has been paid for through large poker winnings. Many of us have seen how he spends his time traveling from country to country in good company, but if the revelations shared in both his new autobiography, The Setup, and the new episode of Logan Paul’s famous podcast “Impaulsive,” are any indication, we may know that much of those winnings came from billionaire Alec Gores. Apparently, Gores didn’t like being publicly named by Bilzerian at all, which has led him to challenge the Instagram star to a head-to-head poker game with a wager hardly ever seen before.

If any of the comments said by Bilzerian on Paul’s podcast are true, and rumors from several reliable sources confirm them, the match could take place soon, and it would be for the sum of no less than $1 million – $50 million each. Should it become a reality, it would undoubtedly be the biggest head-to-head match in poker history. “That guy Alec [Gores], he saw my podcast and he text me, I said I beat him for like $40-$50 million, and he’s like, ‘oh, the number wasn’t that high,'” Bilzerian said on the podcast. “He’s like, ‘I wanna play you heads-up, let’s see who has the bigger balls for $25 million apiece.”

The exchange of messages got a little heated between the two, resulting in a $50 million bet, with Bilzerian even suggesting that the showdown be televised at the Aria Las Vegas. Sources have reported that Bilzerian has already secured the funds for the match and is now waiting for the 68-year-old billionaire to do the same.

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