Cash in on our new MTT Staking feature

Cash in on our new MTT Staking feature

Our new Staking feature is a game changer—and you don’t even need to play poker to profit!

With MTT Staking, you can now pay a portion of another player’s tournament buy-in, making it easy to get into the action without playing a single hand of poker. With staking, everyone has the potential for a huge score without investing the time and energy it takes to win big multi-table tournaments. Now just about anyone can bask in the glory of conquering a huge tourney without having to sit at a computer all afternoon and well into the night.

The Staking feature instantly gives you the power to back your friends, favorite players, or anyone else who’s game. Thanks to Staking, your dreams of winning big can come true, even if you barely know the rules of the game, let alone the necessary strategy to crush a big event.

Of course, putting your money on your favorite player(s) is just half the story. If you’re a tournament poker player, you can easily sell a stake in your buy-ins. It’s a fantastic way to lower the cost of entry and reduce the variance of playing your events.

Are you a talented poker player who has amassed quite a following? Then why not mark up the cost of stakes you sell to increase your bottom line? We think you deserve to profit while your adoring fans ride your coattails.

To take advantage of tournament staking, just click on the Staking button in the lobby. Everything is handled automatically through the poker client for your safety and convenience.

Click here to learn more about Staking.

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